Rustic Home Decor

Rustic Home Decor is easily recognizable.  Mention it, and people will think of cozy cabins, log homes, and hunting lodges. It brings to mind images of fireplaces and there majestic wood beam rustic mantels. Along with the fireplace mantel, natural wood furniture, antler chandeliers, and rustic furniture made from wood slabs and live edge wood also come to mind. Rustic decor is rightfully associated with nature. It often incorporates elements kept as close to their natural state as possible.

Recreating the atmosphere is really simple, just add a few key accents. Even a modern home can benefit from the addition of rugged details. Farmhouse interiors incorporate a lot of rustic elements also such as farm-style wood slab tables and weathered wood decor.

Using antlers for lamps, chandeliers, or even racks is a good example. Logs make great table or floor lamps too.

It is also popular to use metal with a natural patina or rust. Simply switching a ceramic sink with a copper sink is a good place to start. If you really love the style, you should consider a custom hanging or log vanity.

Another important aspect is the beautiful craftsmanship. Building a rustic piece requires time, patience, and handcrafting skills. A lot has to do with finding good quality material and working with it. For instance, wood furniture will still have a live edge. The slab will be left to its natural shape. Rustic furniture maker often also use stumps and logs. Each piece is truly unique.

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