Rustic handcrafted fallow deer antler lamp.

The table lamp is 36″ high and 19″ wide.

The rawhide shade is included.

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This fallow deer antler lamp is skillfully handcrafted with genuine shed fallow antlers. Along with mule deer and elk antlers making this table lamp functional and artistic. Despite this rustic lighting being pigeonholed as perfect for cabin or log home. It also is a great addition to a sleek rustic modern decor. Made from real antler sheds not out of cast material. The lamp comes with a rawhide shade and uses a regular 60-watt bulb and has a pull switch.


Fallow deer grow antlers that are flat and similar to moose. Relative to their body size, the antlers are the largest from all the deers. Only bucks grow antlers. For the first 3 years, the antlers will be single spikes.  The palmated antlers only appear when the buck reaches 4 years. Deer shed their antlers annually at the end of mating season. They will start growing new antlers each April or May.


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