Area Rugs

Area rugs are like the icing on a cake. They are the finishing layer that brings the whole room together. Choosing a new rug is easy with these tips.

First, area rugs help tie in the colors of your accents, soft furnishings, and furniture. You have 2 options when picking a rug. If you like a tonal look, you should pick a rug that matches your existing color scheme. If on the other hand, you are partial to a colorful interior, your rug will let you introduce new shades.

Second, they will create a focal point in your room by adding visual interest and texture. The more eye-catching the print of your area rug is the stronger the effect will be.

Third, the pattern you pick will set the tone and tell the whole story about your decorating style. For a creative household, you can go with bold designs both in colors and theme. A farmhouse can select an area rug with heirloom-inspired prints. For a cabin, the choice is simple with so many rugs depicting rustic scenes available.

And last, the size of your room and your furniture dictate the dimensions of your new area rug. For a dining or a living room, usually, an 8×11 or 8ft round will allow for all the furniture to sit on the rug. A 5×8 is often big enough for a bedroom or smaller dining area. Area rugs measuring 3×4 and 4×5 are ideal to place as accents throughout the house.

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