Bathroom Decor

While bathroom decor accessories are the finishing touches that will turn an ordinary room into a welcoming oasis. Adding a tree stump rustic vanity or a live edge floating vanity is a refreshing option.

If you enjoy exploring new nature hiking trails, then rustic is for you. If you are an urban dweller living in a modern house or downtown condo, rustic details will add warmth to your bathroom decor. Natural wood and metal with a natural patina have an organic feel that tones the coldness of glass, steel, and ceramic. Their natural shape will also balance angular bathroom fittings.

Depending on your budget and your options, you can replace just a few small details or do a complete remodel.

Just laying a new area rug with a rustic pattern can add plenty of cabin charm. You can take the theme further and tie in the whole room with the same motifs on towels, shower curtains, and other accessories.  A beautiful burl wood mirror is also a very quick install and has a wow factor. Changing your light fixture is also an easy project that has a lot of impacts. After all, the lighting really creates the atmosphere in a space.

If you’re ready for a complete overhaul, a wood vanity will completely transform your bathroom. And to really get a maximum impact, you can pick copper fixtures and sinks.

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