GENUINE COWHIDE Rugs | Real leather hide


Natural, genuine cowhide measuring approximately 85″x60″.

Sizes and colors vary from one hide to the next.

Also, the hides my have blemishes such as brand marks, cuts, and nicks.

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Our natural, genuine cowhide rugs are approximately 85 “x59”. You should expect a cowhide to have some blemishes such as scars or scrapes; these are not defects but proof of the authenticity of your rug.

Genuine Cowhides

You can use our high-quality genuine cowhide rugs anywhere in the home. They, of course, are ideal as a rustic rug for a high traffic area. You can layer a cowhide over another rug or carpet. Quick decorating tip, if you are a renter, this is an easy and affordable way to hide the old flooring in your new place. The beautiful thing is that regular vacuuming is all they require. They are sturdy and supple at the same time. But don’t limit them to the floor, throw them on a sofa or a bed. For the most creative, you could hang them as wall art. Genuine cowhides come in a variety of colors and patterns, and each hide is unique, just like you.



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